I Dub Thee “Spadom Cottage”

In my first post, I want to live in a spa, D@#M*T! , I ruminated on how I want to live a life of Spadom.  Well, I’ve been giving that some thought, and my past delvings into the “Law of Attraction” spadom cottaeare  now tapping me on the shoulder to remind me that I need to feel as though I am already living a life a Spadom, and I need to be grateful for it in the here and now.  So, in order to attract further Spadom like a magnet,  I am going to “fall into the sea where non-believers go beyond belief ” (as Billie Joe Armstrong would say) with my own personalized system.  Today I will claim it & name it.  Then, I will tame it & frame it.

Steps to Claiming It    

  1. Shout it out:  Toot Toot, Beep Beep, Hello!  My house is a spa where my family and are living in Spadom.
  2. Be grateful:  I am ever so grateful for all our house has to offer. It has great bones.  We love the  floor plan.  The resources and amenities are plentiful, and the ideas for upgrading our spa are endless.

Steps to Naming It

  1. Dub it:  Right here and now, I dub thee… Spadom Cottage.  (When we chose our home, the goal was to make it look like a wee cottage.  We’ve been working on it slooooooow and steady, and it is now time to pick up the pace.)
  2. Celebrate It:  I’ll be working up some sort of family celebration for this because I’m so excited to be living in Spadom Cottage!






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