The Vulnerability Hangover: TMI

Well, …. Uuummm … The other day I shared a few baseline pics for my journey to Spadom.  The next morning I woke up with what Brene Brown brenewould call a huge vulnerability hangover.  Do you know the feeling?  Regret, after sharing too much information.  I mean seriously, the dust bunny pics …  Did I really have to show those?

Anyways, my very good friend, Brene Brown, is a Qualitative Researcher Storyteller who studies  shame and vulnerability.  (It’s really  a one sided relationship.  She has absolutely no clue how many times she has talked me down off the ledge.)  I discovered her work a few years back in her most excellent TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability.   Brene has taught me that vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation, change and everything else we are hungry for: Love, connection, joy, belonging.  So, in order to get over that warm wash of shame that hit me upon awakening, I showed up, called hard on my courage, and cleansed my mind of fear by binging on Brene’s fabulous Youtube videos.

Perhaps this is a good time to look at my journey to Spadom in an organized fashion of personal steps:

  • Step 1: Show up  (Ok, I’m here.)
  • Step 2: Be honest and vulnerable (I will dare greatly to explore my dreams and weaknesses for my mind, my body, and lifestyle.)

Thanks again, Brene!  From here I can journey to Spadom.  It’s a groovy kind of thing.


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